• The 2003 invasion of Iraq was justified.

    After 911, it was necessary for the Americans to make a show of force. Furthermore, there was evidence that the government in Iraq was responsible for the attacks and that they were developing weapons of mass destruction. At the time, the invasion of Iraq was justified and most people supported it.

  • I don’t think the 2003 invasion of Iraq was justified.

    I don’t think the 2003 invasion of Iraq was justified. I think that President Bush ordered for Iraq
    to be invaded for other reasons. I
    believe that the Bush family had a personal problem with Saddam Hussein ever
    since George W. Bush’s father was in office.
    So Iraq was invaded under false pretense.

  • They did not attack anyone.

    By definition, invading a country that didn't attack first make you the attacker, not defender. Removing the old Sunni government to put in a Shiite one only flipped the repression, and radicalized the Sunnis. And killing thousands of innocent Iraqis in the surge, and labeling them as collateral damage only makes them hate the people who say they are trying to help stop terrorism.

  • It was not justified at all.

    The 2003 invasion of Iraq was not justified. Bush lied, and thousands died. And for what? To enrich our defense contractors, who happened to be patrons of the President and his cronies? It certainly wasn't for "weapons of mass destruction" of which none were ever found. The 2003 invasion was a complete and utter waste of life and money.

  • No, it was not.

    It was just an attempt by the Bush Administration to control the oil in the country for big corporations. These corporations had direct ties to the Bush family. Michael Moore explains it all in his movie. Many people died for no good reason whatsoever. The war was a completely unjust action.

  • It had nothing to do with terror

    The 2003 invasion of Iraq only happened because the Bush administration still had anger issues from the previous war. They wanted to control all of the oil fields (money) and the only way to do that was to take over Iraq. Everything they do is justified in their own made up stories but the truth is there was no reason to go there.

  • No, I don't.

    No, I definitely do not think that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was justified. I think that it was a pointless invasion and war that cost thousands of American troops and Iraqi civilian lives. There were never any weapons of mass destruction and Bush knew this and used that as an excuse along with stoking xenophobia from 9/11.

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