• It has it's flaws, but overall it is fair

    The best teams play the other top teams, while the worst teams play the other terrible teams. New England has to play Pittsburgh Indianapolis and Denver, which is fair since after all they are the defending Super Bowl champions. Tampa Bay plays Washington, St Louis and Minnesota, which is fair since they finished with the league's worst record.

  • The 2015 NFL schedule is fair.

    All the teams get their chance to play one another. Most of the games will be aired on television, for those whom can not go to the game,at time reasonable to watch. So therefore I personally think the schedule is perfectly fine. The NFL players have a job to do and I am sure they are also fine with it because they are still getting paid,like with any job.

  • It could be better

    The NFL does a fine job with the scheduling, but the Steelers might have gotten the short end of the stick. Seeing that the Steelers will be beginning the season without Le'Veon Bell, one could make an argument that playing last season's Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, along with the fact that the Steelers have the hardest strength of schedule, is a tad bit unfair. Overall, the schedule is very good; I decided to play devil's advocate and have a new part of the story unveiled.

  • It always is

    The NFL is the most level playing field there is. That's why they say on any given sunday anyone can win. The league tries its best to set up marquee match ups based off the last year or few years, but a few injuries or what ever can derail a team.

  • The schedule is fair

    The schedule is fair. This is because the schedule is drawn up according to a process that has been in place for years. It does not have to be questioned. The schedule allows for all teams to play as needed and get their moment in the sun. There is a lot that goes into scheduling that us regular people have no idea about.

  • Yes, the 2015 NFL schedule is fair.

    It was hilarious to listen to the whiners when the schedule was announced. People always think "their" team got the short end of the stick. But no team really has a valid argument. I think the Patriot fans whined the most about a 4th week bye - what is so unbelievably bad about a 4th week bye?!

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