• Daniel Holtzclaw Deserves It

    Receiving a 263 year sentence is a harsh punishment, but the punishment certainly fits the crime in the case of Daniel Holtzclaw. His crimes were heinous and heartless, and he never needs to be released into our society again. By giving Daniel Holtzclaw this massive sentence, the judge is simply making sure that he will not be eligible for parole or time off for good behavior any time in his lifetime.

  • Rapists deserve life

    The violation of another person's body should be one of the highest crimes one can commit. He violated trust and dishonored his badge. Police should be held to higher standards than the average citizen, because they are supposed to be trusted, and if he had been freed at any time, he would have been held to the same or lower standard.

  • Yes, I think this sentencing is fair

    Rape is a serious crime that results in years of PTSD for women, and cops have been allowed to get away with so much against powerless people in the past few years. It's time to send a message that they will be prosecuted. Enough of these suspensions with pay penalties.

  • What's even the point of a 263 year sentence?

    I do not understand ludicrous sentences like this one. 263 years in prison? If he gets out alive, he deserves a medal for being a super human with insane powers of long life. Just stick a life sentence on it and be done with it. If you really want to take away his entire life and hope, why not just put him on death row? I know you Americans still have the death penalty.

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