• The APA provides more transparency

    The Administrative Procedure Act exposes government agencies to great scrutiny. They are now accountable to the people through the legal system. The courts have the right to check the procedures used by government agencies to ensure they are using government funds in the most efficient and ethical manner expected. That is not the most efficient way possible, but expected.

  • Yes, I think the Administrative Procedure Act brought more transparency to the American Government.

    I believe that the Administrative Procedure Act was a good step in bringing transparency to the Federal Government and how certain departments act, I think that we should expand the Administrative Procedure Act and make it so the Government has to be even more transparent, I believe the more transparent the better.

  • Yes, the APA brought more transparency for the government.

    I do believe that the Administrative Procedure Act is something that brought more transparency to the American government. I think that people think that the APA helped to make the government more willing to be open to their policies and actions. I also think that the APA is a very good thing for the country.

  • No, it did not

    It was drafted so long ago that this thing has very little relevance to today's world. I think everyone was blind back then, before media took it to the next level,but times have changed. I hope that peoples mindsets have changed with them as well. It been a long time since this was established other things changed the way we think not this act.

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