• It should be modified

    I think the Affordable Care Act should be modified not eliminated. The Affordable Care Act has some very strong points and is going in the right direction. Eliminating it would set us back as a country, so anything that is wrong with the Affordable Care Act should be modified and made better.

  • Baby steps are better than no steps

    The American healthcare system is and was broken. Under the Affordable Care Act it is slightly less broken. Requiring all Americans go have health insurance is a positive step for the nation. One of the largest costs for hospitals is a result of people not taking preventative actions to illnesses that healthcare provides. Not having health insurance is being a moocher.

  • Amend it for everyone.

    The Affordable Care Act should be amended to make changes to it. Since so many people are losing their health care in the workplace due to Obamacare, then the government should takes steps to redress that. Obamacare premiums are too high for many people and so many will be fined for not buying the insurance.

  • Affordable care act modified?

    I do believe that it should be modified because things are not affordable to people who make decent money the price of living continues to go up and the jobs and the money are just not avaialbe to most people. It is sad when you have people who make 15 dollars and hour or more then that struggling to pay rent because the gas prices and oil prices and rent prices are threw the roof.

  • It Needs Changes

    I do not believe we should eliminate the Affordable Care Act just because it has some problems. I believe it makes far more sense to modify what is wrong with the plan because some people's problems with it aren't really justifiable themselves. The act is far better for the country than sticking with what was the status quo.

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