• Voting in usa

    Between super delagetes and electoral college it is rigged.Just have voting and person with the most votes wins period.Its 2016 not the pony expresss.We can count votes fast now.Maybe the news media wont beable to call the winner before the west closes the polls.Also some states wont let independents vote in primary.Are second class citizens.

  • It's controlled by party bosses.

    Yes, I think the American election process is unfair to the average voter, because the Republican party bosses rigged the election so that Mitt Romney would win. It was Santorum that won in Iowa, but some party boss changed the vote so that Romney would win. This was so unfair to us, because we really wanted Santorum.

  • Electoral College Reduces Importance of Most Votes

    Each presidential election, most states do not matter. This is because they are safely in the camp of political or another. For example, candidates do not focus on California or Texas because they are considered "locks" for the Democrats and Republicans respectively. As a results, most attention goes to "swing states" which are deemed to be "toss-ups" for any given election. Because of this, voters in those states get more attention than voters in other states.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe the American election process is unfair to the average voter. I believe this because the electoral college essential throws out millions of votes during each presidential election. When your state goes in a different direction than you do, your vote essential does not matter and to me that is unfair.

  • No, the American election process is not unfair to the average voter.

    I do not think that the American election process is unfair to the average voter. I think that the voting process in the United States of America is fair to the general public. But I also think that every citizen continues to make sure that the election process stays fair.

  • Not the average

    The average person voting got the government they deserved to get, and the process is mostly unfair to the poor and to the very educated. People who are average generally are swayed by what is read on the news and things paid for by very rich people, but they also have their own interests met.

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