Do you think the American Medical Association should have more (yes) or less (no) regulation of complementary and alternative medicine?

  • The AMA should have more regulation over alternative medicine

    Practices of complementary and alternative medicines are not typically approved for use in American Medical Association approved facilities. Because of the lack of these procedures in AMA facilities, there is not often need for regulation of the practices. With religion becoming more expansive in its rights and privaleges, some old wives recipes are beginning to re-emerge as primary forms of medicine, and people are denying practical treatment. The hospital is bound to abide by a denial of certain practical treatments, but accepts others alongside alternative medicine. If the hospital can regulate the alternative medicines, they may be able to maintain a certain level of health through the accepted practices by having knowledge of, and controlling some alternative methods. If the alternative method is not dangerous, and can be monitored, the hospital could allow such treatment alongside practical medicine. As long as the patient recovers, who cares what treatment worked?

  • Much more regulation

    I think the American Medical Association should have more regulation of complementary and alternative medicine. The reason for this is because alternative medicine usually does not work. If it did work, it would no longer be called alternative medicine; in fact, alterative medicines that work simply become known as medicines.

  • Alternative therapies need testing and regulation

    The AMA should have more regulatory control over holistic or alternative therapies. There are far too many snake oil treatments being shopped by charlatans that endanger the health of patients. The AMA should be testing such treatments for effectiveness. This would allow patients to actually know their therapy works instead of blindly trusting in fake science.

  • I say no

    I believe that alternative medicine is cost efective and to a certain degree effective. Instead of prescribing expensive medicines and treatment placing a person on accupuncture for pain or placed in a meditation group to handle coming to terms that you will most likely die from cancer instead of dying thinking the best and putting you and your family in debt.

  • No Point To Regulate

    I believe the American Medical Associate should have less regulation of complementary and alternative medicine. These fields are not proven with the scientific method and there is no reason to include these services in the health care field that currently exists. These services should be offered outside of the medical field for what they are.

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