Do you think the amount of fatal gun injuries from police officers this year (nearly 1,000) is alarming?

  • Yes, the amount of fatal gun injuries from police officers is out of control.

    It is astounding how many people have been killed by police officers this year in the United States. This situation illustrates the problems of institutional racism in this country. It has been mostly black people who have been killed by the police. Stronger measures need to be taken to decrease the amount of power police have.

  • Yes, many police officers are abusing their power

    The amount of fatal gun injuries from police officers is extremely alarming. It shows a blatant abuse of power and privilege because oftentimes there is very limited repercussions to these officers. What is more alarming though is when you look at this statistics to those being fatally injured, the majority being black citizens. This shows the deep racism in our country and leads to a much deeper issue.

  • Yes, it's just not acceptable

    There seems to be very little accountability for gun use by our police force, and as such, too many members of it seem to have become very trigger happy. We're supposed to trust that the police have our best intentions at heart, and that they are there to protect us, but the fact that there have been so many fatalities from their gun use this year is extremely unnerving.

  • Look at the statistics.

    I am not sure where they got those statistics and would like to review them myself, but that being said and assuming they are correct.
    If you look at the statistics, out of 965 deaths, only 90 did not have weapons. That means 975 armed suspects were stopped. Seeing that they were armed, many if not most probably use those weapons in violent crimes if not stopped. Just think of all the murders prevented. Seeing that many were suicidal, you could easily count their deaths as suicide by cop.
    Sure, some of them were not armed, with a weapon, but that does not mean they may not intend on, or were not going to, killing someone. The article also stated how more than a quarter involved a pursuit either on foot or car. Clearly if someone is trying to flee from the police by car, there is a good chance they will kill other motorists or pedestrians. Sure, we could stop pursuing them but that would just encourage criminals to do just that and risk even more lives. Sure, some of them flee on foot but where are they going? There is a good chance they are either going to get a weapon, or even break into someones home to for hostages. In the Brown shooting, Brown even tried to get the officers weapon by force.

    If you don't want to be shot or otherwise harmed by police? Here are some simple ways to do it.
    1) Don't commit crimes. Logically, if you commit a crime, you have a better chance of being pursued by police.
    2) Be respectful of the police. Most if not all people have interactions with police. If you treat them with respect, they are likely to remain calm. If you did do something wrong, they are more likely to give you the minimum penalty. If you didn't do anything wrong, they are more likely to leave you alone in the future.
    3) Tho related to being respectful, you should obey the officer. If you run, tell them lies, or do anything besides what they say, clearly you would have a reason, and not a legal one. Because the reason may involve harming others, the police may be justified to prevent any further resistance by whatever means necessary.
    If people obeyed those simple rules, they would have little chance of ever being shot by police. About the only way they may be is if some other person breaks the rules and you get caught in the crossfire.

  • No i disagree

    While there are some cops where brutality issues are a problem, I think that most cops do a great job. They put their lives on the line every day. They are apprehending criminals - there is a reason that they are equipped with guns and why they have to use those guns.

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