Do you think the anti-MP3 downloading laws are ridiculous?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Greedy and Lazy

    If someone already has a lot of money, why do they demand more. These people have more than enough already. Why should someone that can barely feed themselves pay them? Just to listen to music? If these lazy, greedy, musicians want to make some money why don't they go on tour. Recording a song once does not entitle one to be compensated for the rest of their lives. Hell...Even people who save a life once (such as firemen) do not get that. This is a typical example of the rich taking advantage of the average citizen with their ridiculous lobbying.

  • It's from these arrogant types who can't appreciate their fans

    They care more about their paychecks than their fans. So they make up these BS laws that people are not allowed to download stuff for free. I think that law is pretty ridiculous. Stupid laws. You can't download music because the artist loses money from their precious big time paycheck. Oh... Please.

  • They are what they are for a reason.

    Artists have the right to create a produce and expect their "Fans" to actually pay for it, as would be expected. If you where to offer a service to someone as a profession you would expect to get paid for said profession, a true fan respects the artist well enough and buys the things he likes to support said artist. Just as you are not willing to work for someone that won't pay you neither are they willing to work for someone that does not pay them for their profession. These laws are there for a good reason and are in no way different from any other law that prevents you from stealing services, to simply walk out of a taxi without paying, to refuse to pay the plumber for maintenance and so on and so forth. The fact that it is a digital service is not an excuse to steal the service, and that is what the law is preventing.

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