Do you think the average person develops their opinions through mass media?

  • Yes, the average person does develop their opinions through mass media.

    i think that the average person spends a lot of time watching television and devouring what is going on in the media. This is why I think that they develop their own opinions through what is reported and going on in the mass media market and it in turn creates their world.

  • Yes, the average person's opinion is based on mass media.

    I think that most people these days get their opinions from the overwhelming form of media to which they are exposed to everyday. Some people just do not know better than to question or stray away from an opinion that is popular on the social media sites they go to or networks they watch.

  • The Average Person

    I personally think that The first part of this strategy is known as the institutional process analysis. This investigates how the flow of media messages is produced and managed, how decisions are made, and how media organizations function. Ultimately, it asked: What are the processes, pressures, and constraints that influence and underline the production of mass media content? "The second part of this strategy is known as message system analysis, which has been used since 1967 to track the most stable and recurrent images in media content.

  • Yes they do

    Yes, I do think that most people here get the opinions that they have through the mass media, and that it is not the good way to get them. The media can make you swing your view to the side that they want, and they can make you choose wrong.

  • From Family And Friends

    I think people pretty much have their mind made up with how they view the world. It starts at different times for most people and depends how they were raised. I think people use mass media to find the stories that line with their ideology. People just say it is the media's fault, as to why people can't think for themselves. They want those people to think like them.

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