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  • No, the Baltimore Orioles won't advance to the World Series.

    The Baltimore Orioles have in the past been among the most competitive franchises in professional baseball, winning the World Series in 1966, 1970, and 1983. They also had one of the greatest players of the last half century, Cal Ripken, Jr., as the face of their franchise for the entirety of his career. But alas, it's been a while since 1983, and from the look of the current playoff series, it will be a while yet before the Orioles advance to the World Series again.

  • No, too many games need to be won to advance to the World Series.

    No, the Baltimore Orioles have too many games to win consecutively to advance to the World Series. They will need to win four straight games in a row. They have lost the first three games putting them in a precarious situation. The only other team to accomplish this feat was in 2004 by the Red Sox. Kansas City willl most likely be celebrating the win.

  • I don't think it's likely

    I live in Baltimore, so I grew up with the Orioles. They're a decent team, but our city in general doesn't have a lot of funding to offer because as a formerly industrial city we were hit hard by the recession and are far from recovering. What does that have to do with sports? As a city, we are not attractive enough to attract and keep the best players in baseball or football. Our teams are generally middle of the road and they generally finish in the middle. While it would be nice to have a fluke that takes us to the World Series, I wouldn't count on it just yet.

  • The Orioles will not advance

    The Orioles will not advance to the World Series. This is because they have so much good competition out there, and also teams that might be hungrier for a win. The Orioles will probably come close to the the final but not be strong enough to get there. Some other team will probably beat them out.

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