Do you think the Belgian immigration minister should be fired for refusing a court order to allow Syrian refugees?

  • Anyone not obeying the law should face the consequences.

    It doesn't matter who you are, even the immigration minister of your country. If you disobey the law than you face the ramifications of that decision. Everyone should do their part in taking in some of the refugees affected by the war going on right now. These families are in trouble and need the rest of the world to be welcoming right now.

  • Beligium Immigration Minister Should be Fired

    The Belgian immigration minister should be fired for refusing a court order to allow for the immigration of Syrian refugees into Belgium. It is not his job to decide whether to let people into Belgium based on his own opinion and politics . It is his job to implement the orders of the court and the nation.

  • Human rights need to be respected.

    I think the Belgian immigration minister should be fired, or at least suffer serious consequences, for his refusal of a court to allow Syrian refugees. Human rights, especially in times of crisis, need to be appreciated and respected. Behavior such as that displayed by the immigration minister is in violation of these rights and should be met with appropriate punishment.

  • His conduct has been ridiculous.

    The immigration minister has not only defied a court order demanding that a small number of Syrian refugees be let into Belgium to claim asylum but he has also made light of the situation and appears to think it is a joke. This comes at a time when Syrian refugees are in desperate need of save havens and so his behaviour is deeply insensitive.

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