Do you think the belief in things that are unexplainable is a natural inclination?

Asked by: ladiesman
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  • It is common but not something everybody has

    I'm asking this question because if you've seen the film Now You See Me (2013), there is a line of Mark Ruffalo's character in which he says, "Their need to believe in something that's unexplainable in order to make their lives more bearable" that sort of got me thinking. When it comes to believing in things that are beyond human understanding, in my opinion it is common but not a belief that every person has. You don't necessarily need to believe in the unexplained to have a bearable life, the thought is enthralling to some, perhaps most people.

  • Its all nurture

    Religious beleif is clearly taught, if beleif was natural why would any religious groups have their respective books like the bible, religion is simply a story that has been hard wired into the minds of gulliblw children who then proceed to believe them for the rest of their lives, you dont see animals in the wild building places of worship or religious idols, its all unnatural

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