Do you think the best part of Obamacare is his sign-up website?

Asked by: charlee
  • Much more damage to healthcare is to come

    The horrendous rude awakening to Obamacare via his dysfunctional sign-up website, is just a drop in the bucket to full implementation of his healthcare plan. Obama's vision for healthcare is primarily equality and access. However, after studying his affordable care act, the worst is ahead of us. Each of us may have equality of care, but the care we receive will be rationed and resulting in a universal HMO-type of care. The US populace totally rejected HMO-type healthcare over a decade ago.

  • No it is not.

    Is this a joke? No I do not think the best part of Obamacare is the sign-up website. I guess the website is better, but it has many flaws. When the website was first released hardly anyone could sign up. Now, it still has trouble because many of the insurance companies are not getting the correct data from the site.

  • Way too much money spent on a web portal

    While I do generally support the bulk of the ACA, the website was the pinnacle of failure. With the amount of money spent, and the time allotted, it should have worked much better than it did at launch. The website should have been completed for about 10% of the cost paid. The best part of Obamacare is the restrictions it finally reigns in on the insurance companies.

  • No, website was the worst part.

    It was a nightmare trying to sign up for the affordable health care insurance through the web site and even on the phone. However, now that many of us have gotten the insurance coverage it seems as if we are getting more than we had before for a lower price.

  • No there is some other good

    The best part of Obama care is that it really does give health care to some people who could not get it otherwise. Granted the good stops there because it comes with a huge cost to the rest of the population. There is some good to Obama care but not much.

  • Obamacare Website the Worst

    The worst part of Obamacare so far has been the sign-up website, which has been plagued by countless problems. While things are running more smoothly now, the site is still experiencing minor and intermittent problems now and again. The president should have used a better company to handle the building and maintenance of this site.

  • The Best Is Hidden

    No, I do not believe the best part of Obamacare is the sign-up website. Let's try to remember that Obama asked for this legislation, he did not write it and he certainly didn't build the website and the sign-up web page isn't "his." I believe the best part of Obamacare was the one or two paragraphs that stopped insurance companies from denying insurance to patients. That my friends, is the diamond in the rough.

  • No, the best part is healthcare for everyone.

    The best part of the affordable health care act is that everyone will have health care. The website is convenient and helpful to first time consumers but not better than the actual health care they will gain. The consumer will have a much better life as a result of this awesome legislation.

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