Do you think the bible is a just an ordinary book like the Hunger Game books that tells stories that are fantasy?

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  • Interpretation and Pagans.

    The Bible is full of fables that were hand-selected by the founders of Christianity. How is this so? The Catholic Bible has seven more books than the Protestant, because the Protestants didn't see the books as "quote holy enough." When the religion was just starting to be "big in Europe," they wanted to bring the Pagans into the Church. How would they do this? Adapting themselves and the faith to agree with the Pagans.

    Now, in terms of the Bible being true is a trick question, because the Bible has to be interpreted rather than taken literally. The books are supposed to be filled with morals to life rather than histories. "The Hunger Games" might not have been one for morality, but still.

  • Likely that people believed it even at the time

    I think the whole thing is bunk, and was exaggerated stories like so many others going around at the time.

    But it developed far different than the hunger games. I have no doubt that the people of the time believed the stories to be true, and that there may even have been a gifted rabbi by the name of Jesus at the time. It also spawned an entire church, whereas we have always known the Hunger Games to be a fantasy series.

  • Directly correlate with other texts

    They fact is that the Bible is a collection of books written by prophets and evangelists. The stuff written in the Bible is definitely not a collection of fantasy stories like the Hunger Games. If that’s your logic about the stuff in the Bible than you can say that Plato’s works, Aristotle’s findings, ancient historian’s texts and many other texts are just a bunch of stories like the Hunger games. This is completely illogical. In fact if the Bible is wrong than humankind can’t be sure about what happened 2000 years ago and so on. All of our information of the past is from books, and for all we know, they could be a fantasy like the Hunger Games. Another point for the Bible is that numerous other texts directly correlate with what is written in the Bible. For example, many Roman historians talked about Jesus and how he died and Resurrected. And Jesus’s apostles had gone to many places in the world to spread the news. Historians in these places had also recorded what they said. Also many texts such as the Red Sea Scrolls talk about what happened in the Old Testament of the Bible. They very way the Bible is written shows that it isn't a story, it’s the truth.

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