• Big bang created universe

    The big bang theory is true.There are many evidence that support the big bang theory.The big bang theory is still on proving and after eight nine years I think the theory will be scientifically proved.Science has proved that there is no god and all religions are man made.Just think all the religions have their different stories.Some say when man dies it again takes birth some say man dies it does not take birth again.These all are rubish thing about religion.Science has proved all things about religions false.So it is the time to accept the big bang theory.

  • Yes, I think the Big Bang created the universe.

    I think while we will never know with certainty on how the Universe was created the best theory we have right now is the Big Bang theory and it makes the most sense of any logical explanation, so overall I personally believe the universe was created by the big bang until we are able to prove differently.

  • It makes sence to me

    It seems like everything in the universe is made by some explosion or collision. It makes perfect sense, that once the explosion and all of the particles had settled down, this would be the end result. Of course, we could go with the god theory and say god made everything. I just think that is the easy way out and does nothing for my spiritual mind.

  • Big bang created the Universe

    The data supports the big bang theory . Evidence also supports big bang theory . Presently
    its observed that universe is expanding . All the universal objects are going further
    away from each other at a high speed . So the origin theory matches the
    what is on going in the universe . There has been no other theory that all scientist can put
    forward where they gather common consensus .

  • Its so simple...

    If I told you that a bomb exploded and my fancy two story house along with the rest of my neighborhood would you believe me? The human body is to complex to not have been created by a superior being. Also according to scientists matter cant be made or destroyed does this not contradict the big bang theory?

  • God made the Universe.

    No, I do not think that the Big Bang created the Universe, because God made the world. The world has too much order in it to have happened by chance. We live and reproduce. Nature is beautiful. There is no way that the world and all its beauty happened without God's direction.

  • No, the Big Bang didn't create the Universe.

    I do not believe that the Big Bang created the Universe, I think that there is no way for sure to figure out what created the universe since it is something beyond our understanding. But I do say that thinking that I also don't know for sure that the Big Bang didn't created the Universe.

  • No, of course not.

    Evolution is a conspiracy theory with so many things that disprove it. It's not based on scientific fact, it's based on faith that it happened. Many scientific facts actually disprove evolution very easily. People hear that evolution is a "fact" and they never do any actual research of their own. Go do some research and you'll quickly realize that there are many many things that clearly disprove evolution.

  • I don't agree with the BBT.

    Again it is a theory. But considering how large the universe is, wouldn't there have had to have been thousands or millions of "big bang" particles far out universe for it to be the size that it is?
    The Hubble scope can detect light sources billions of light years away. So how did the universe start way out In space trillions of miles away and yet here's the Milky Way so far away from it all? And scientists are saying the universe is still spreading outwards.
    Maybe the galaxies have always existed. Maybe the black holes consuming other planets and supernova's are the "big bang" the theory is based on.
    But then again, I'm really tired and maybe that didn't make any sense.

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