Do you think the Big Run landfill in Kentucky should continue to accept garbage from out of state?

  • If the lanfill can handle it I support.

    We shouldn't worry about each state being it's own little world. This is our America and we should do what we can to keep it running smoothly, and if that means having Big Run landfill Kentucky accepting different state's garbage I'm fine with that. It brings job to Kentucky too (don't forget)!

  • Accepting garbage from out of state provides problems for residents

    According to a local news station, Boyd County, Kentucky residents, themselves, don't want garbage shipped in from out of state. Citizens complain mostly of the smell, with one comparing it to the smell of "a dead animal for weeks at a time." Aside from the residents, disallowing this reduces the greenhouse gases and pollution created transporting out-of-state trash to Kentucky.

  • Landfills Should Take Care of Their Neighbors

    While it is understandable that Big Run landfill made its money and created jobs by accepting trash from out of state, there is a limit to how much damage it should be permitted to do to its neighbors. Smells that overpower the area may be one step too far in terms of detriment to neighbors, and should not be permitted to continue to that extent. Some smell is of course to be expected, living near a landfill, but there is a line that Big Run may have crossed by accepting too much extra in the name of money.

  • No, Big Run is antisocial

    The landfill is owned by a private company, so the profit generated is going into the pockets of a few millionaires, not back to the residents of Kentucky. If the company wants to profit from waste management, they should actually manange the waste instead of dumping it in a hole and stinking out every residence in the area. If they don't want to invest money in actually managing the waste properly and don't want to compensate the people who suffer because of their poor management, they shouldn't be allowed to be in the business.

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