• The Blackberry passport is better than iphone

    The blackberry passport is better than the iPhone passport in several perspective. first of all all blackberry has a higher pixel, therefore the passport produced by blackberry i of higher resolution. secondly the accuracy of blackberry in taking passports surpass that of iPhone with a huge margin, and in no way do they compare.

  • Yes, the BlackBerry Passport is the bomb.

    The BlackBerry Passport is so versatile and easy to use that it puts the iPhone 6 to shame. Plus, the BlackBerry Passport seems so much more durable. The iPhone six is so flimsy that it bends in people's pockets. If a technological device can be bent by denim, then there is a huge problem.

  • BlackBerry Passport clunky, iPhone 6 sleek

    While both phones increased in size, the shape and design of the BlackBerry Passport leaves us confused. It's too blocky, and the external keypad can still be a downfall. The iPhone 6, while also larger, still maintains the sleek minimalism that Apple has become synonymous with. The Passport also still leans towards business function, while the iPhone 6 is a great mix of business and play functions, making it a more desirable personal phone.

  • BlackBerry is non-existant anymore.

    No, I do not think that the BlackBerry passport is better than the iPhone 6, because the Blackberry has not been popular in 10 years. I've never even heard of anyone who still currently owns a Blackberry. They have lost so much market share. The iPhone 6 has the best developers and is the better product by far.

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