• Bronco's are favourite

    The Denver Broncos are certainly the favourites to win the 2015 superbowl. They have a solid foundation and a solid fan base and all eyes are turned toward the goal right now. The Broncos are favourite all around in the media and poised to find victory in 2015. Go Bronco's!

  • Broncos Super Bowl Bound

    Payton Manning is playing just as good as last year. He has a stronger supporting cast then last years team. The Broncos have also taken the time improve on their defence. The are much better version of the team that was embarrassed last year in the Super Bowl. Which brings the final strength to the forefront. Payton Manning and the Broncos feel they have something to prove this year.

  • The Broncos Will

    From what I've heard about football, the Broncos aren't good. A lot of my friends and family don't like them, which leads to me believing they must not be good. But seeing as I've heard nothing but good things about Peyton Manning and the fact that they think he'll be playing in 2015, I think they have a great chance :)

  • Broncos to the superbowl, lets' hope so!

    The Broncos are a strong team. With great players, like Payten Manning and Brock Osweiler; they have a great chance of making it all the way. The real question here is not if they can get to the Superbowl, but if they can keep from choking once they do get there. Sorry boys, but that's where the real skill lies.

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