Do you think the Catholic Church should have recently changed the liturgy to include more specific language in the mass?

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  • I do not believe that the words are what matter.

    If someone believes in God, Jesus and the church then the words do not really matter much. The meaning behind the words is what is important. To change the words to be more specific still does not change the basic meaning of the words. Also the words are not meant to be literal but open to interpretation.

  • Streamlined Liturgy Takes Away Autonomy

    By streamlining the liturgy in the Catholic Church's mass, all churches now have the same wording and language. The hope is to unify and simplify mass for all churches. The truth is this takes away any autonomy and uniqueness different chapters might have. This will stop any growth or change independent churches might have, that could be for the better.

  • Historical value should keep liturgies the same

    The Catholic Church should not have recently changed the liturgy to include more specific language in the mass. Followers of the Catholic Church and clergy themselves should be satisfied with the older forms of liturgy rather than expect the tides of change to encourage alterations. There are still people who believe, for example, that Catholic mass should have never changed from Latin to English for the sake of historical value.

  • Appeal to many

    The Catholic Church, and many other organizations of religious nature, should be made appealing to as many people as possible. While this may not be specifically about language, or if they are able to understand all of the teachings, people should be able to pray at home or in themselves.

  • Vatican II Was Plenty

    The changes made by Vatican II in the late 1950s and early 1960s were plenty in terms of the liturgy of the mass. For the first time, native languages could legally be used instead of Latin. Language was made more plain so people could actually understand what was going on in Catholic services. Newer changes didn't have to be made at all because everyone still understands the basic liturgy.

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