• Yes, on an indvidual level, The Church took good care of parishioners in the Middle Ages.

    At that time, The Church, as an institution was corrupt. However, the average parish priest would be doing the best he could to help and care for his parishioners. Due to the fact that many of them were not much better off or better educated than the people they were caring for, they often fell short, but that doesn't mean they didn't try, and it doesn't mean their intentions weren't good.

  • Better than others

    I don't think that anyone can really say that they took great care of people during the middle ages. It was a ery hard time and it was pratically impossible to help a lot of people. However, I think the Church probably helped more than other people at that time.

  • Cathlic churches in the middle ages were selfish.

    In the middle ages the Catholic churches were selfish and greedy. They did not care for the people that were loyal to them they way they should have. They took their money and squandered it on useless items to make themselves richer. They fed themselves like kings and gave scraps and other cheap food to the people.

  • No, the Catholic Church financially exploited its faithful during the Middle Ages.

    No, the Catholic church did not take "good care" of parishioners in the Middle Ages. Quite to the contrary, the church exploited the financial and human resources of parishioners for its own benefit, both at local and world-wide levels. The Catholic church is well-known to have profound wealth accumulated throughout the centuries, and much of this began during the Middle Ages, when both local priests and Rome itself implied that salvation could be bought with the right amount of gold.

  • No, I do not think that parishioners were taken cared by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages.

    I think that the parishioners during the Middle Ages were not treated that well by the Catholic Church. It think that a lot of them suffered from the same problems and issues that other groups faced during that time. The Catholic Church was more concerned about maintaining their power during those times.

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