• The Church will succumb to pressure one day.

    The Catholic Church will allow women in the clergy one day. Although the Church has long since passed the advent of women's rights and has not allowed women clergy, one day it will bow to societal pressure. Most organizations usually end up swinging with the tide of opinion. The Pope now is speaking on behalf of gay couples, which no Pope ever did before. Society is changing and so will the Chruch.

  • No they won't allow change

    The Catholic church, since it begin the idea that priest could not marry in an effort to keep an money away from the potential family and in the Church has for the most part put a yoke on woman and their servitude.Women will never be allow in the Catholic clergy, in my belief, because that would allow to much freedom and power to the people and take away too much power from the church.

  • No, the Catholic Church will not allow women in the clergy.

    I do not believe that the Catholic Church will ever allow women in the clergy. I think that the Catholic Church is still way too caught up in their old ways to ever allow a woman in the clergy. I think that the Catholic Church shouldn't have to be made to have women in the clergy either.

  • No, it is a foundation of the faith

    Anything is possible, but chances are the Catholic Church
    will go on as it has begun. No pope has ever been female; no Catholic priest has
    ever been a woman. The Catholic Church relies on selected quotations from St. Paul,
    such as “Women…are not allowed to speak. They must be in submission, as the law
    says…it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church.” Many Christian denominations
    welcome women as spiritual leaders. Their churches provide options for the Christian
    women ignored by the Catholic faith.

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