Do you think the CDC is telling the US everything about how Ebola spreads?

  • Makes sense to me

    Think about it, a sneeze with fluid goes over a hundred feet in a given direction. Anyone in that area now has Ebola. You bump into a sweaty guy with Ebola. Guess what? Now you have Ebola. The doctor gets Ebola and doesn't know he has it, now the hundreds of people he's made contact with each day have Ebola. In Africa, with poor conditions and a tight living environment, it's no wonder it's spreading like a wildfire. On the other hand, why wouldn't they tell us if they want to keep us alive. Only reason I can think of is that it can also spread through the air and the CDC doesn't want to create panic by telling us we're all screwed.

  • You Have To Read It

    Like most information that is available, you have to actually read it. The information from the CDC is out there. It is pretty obvious that the American health care field is not in a position to take care of a major outbreak and it will be spread here easier than some say. Read the information and stay safe. It's better to quarantine yourself too early, rather than too late.

  • Nope, I don't

    How can there be so many "breaches"? Like so many people would be so stupid around ebola? They say you cannot catch it except through fluid contact, what about spit? They make it sound like if someone sneezes it doesn't spread through the air several feet. I don't think they are giving everyone enough safety information at all.

  • No, the CDC is not telling the public everything.

    As new cases of Ebola continue to pop up, the level of confusion and misinformation concerning the outbreak gets worse and worse. CDC and other government officials continue to assure the public that there's nothing to worry about, that they have it all under control. Yet it's not at all hard to imagine that these officials are glossing over some of the potential dangers to ensure that public panic does not bring about chaos and disorder. On one hand, this is indeed a legitimate concern, but still, the public deserves to know what they should really expect of the spread of Ebola.

  • The CDC is not being completely open about the spread of Ebola.

    Many question if the CDC is being transparent about the spreading of Ebola. The fact remains that government entities do not want to cause mass hysteria, and if they were to be completely open and honest, it would create an uncontrollable fear in the populations. It is my belief that Ebola can spread through airborne channels.

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