Do you think the child abuse suffered by Richard Ramirez at the hands of his father contributed to his violent tendencies?

  • Yes, I think the child abuse suffered by Richard Ramirez's father contributed to his violent tendencies.

    I think that any time a child deals with abuse while growing up they lead to a someone developing the idea that using violence against someone is okay since that is what they because to know as normal, I think this is an unfortunate cycle but it's one that it hard to break.

  • Victims become perpetrators.

    Yes, I think that the child abuse suffered by Richard Ramirez at the hands of his father contributed to his violent tendencies, because that is the cycle of abuse. The abuse victim is taught that deviant behavior is normal. They then perpetrate that violence to someone else. This is what happened to Richard Ramirez.

  • The Night Stalker's abusive upbringing was a factor in his serial murders

    There is a lot of evidence to support the link between Serial Killer's abusive upbringings and their future murders. Serial Killers like Manson, Bundy, and Ramirez all had abusive and unstable upbringings where they learned it was alright to mistreat others because of what they saw. They took their anger out on neighborhood pets, then other children; and many years later the serial killings began. Their upbringings did not excuse their behavior whatsoever, but, instead lit the fuse to the future explosion of their Serial Killing Sprees.

  • Yes: The Abuse of Ramirez Likely Contributed to His Violent Tendencies

    The serial murderer Richard Ramirez, in addition to suffering childhood abuse, also incurred two head injuries. Brain damage and PTSD associated with abuse have both been linked to the creation of sociopathic personalities. Not everyone who has had a head injury or suffers abuse becomes a killer, but the link between such traumatic experiences and clinical psychopathy have been demonstrated.

  • Yes, I think that Richard Ramirez was affected by his childhood abuse.

    I definitely think that the abuse Richard Ramirez suffered from his father played a part in the violent behavior he exhibited later in life. There is no way a kid can go through that type of trauma and not be affected by it in some way that wouldn't manifest into adulthood.

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