Do you think the Christian Coalition's conservative dogma creates Christian extremists in America?

  • Yes, it encourages extremism.

    The Christian Coalition of America endorses many conservative, fundamentalist views in things such as abortion and education, so by being so open and visible they legitimize these beliefs. This does have the potential to create Christian extremists whether even though it does not directly work to train extremists in an organized fashion.

  • Stop Killing Abortion Doctors

    Although not as prominent now as in the 1980s and 1990s, Christian extremists have resorted to killing abortion doctors in America. Groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church have taken dim views of Christianity to spread hate speech across the United States. Part of this has to come from a political view that the Christian way of thinking should be involved in American politics. Unfortunately for these groups, the opposite is true thanks to the separation of church and state.

  • The Christian Coalition does not encourage extremism but gives conservatives a voice

    The Christian Coalition's conservative dogma does not create Christian extremists in America. The organization simply gives people who are conservatives a voice and makes them feel counted. As adults, people cannot be made into extremists unless they already have extreme views within themselves. The Christian Coalition is a widely accepted 5013 non-profit that is spoken of and important in political circles. It does not encourage extremism.

  • They are not extreme.

    No, I do not think that the Christian Coalition conservative dogma creates Christian extremists in America, because Christians do not want anything that is particularly extreme. Most Christians just want to live their lives, be able to pray when they want to, and to end abortion. There is nothing extreme about that, and the Christian Coalition just tries to help.

  • Only Upholds Opinions

    I do not believe the Christian Coalition's conservative agenda creates Christian extremists in America. To me, what it does, is uphold these old views and makes people feel as though they are appropriate views because they are upheld by such coalitions. I do not believe they are successful in creating extremists.

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