• Classifying dwarf planets should change

    Classifying dwarf planets should change. Pluto at one point was considered a planet, but today is only know as a dwarf planet. There are many more planets that have an orbit around our sun, but it is not clear or coincides with the other 8 planets. What needs to change is to have planets that closely resemble our orbital patter around our sun be considered planets, even though they may be small.

  • Yes, it should be changed.

    The classification for dwarf planets would benefit to have a change. We just don't know enough about different planets to know what should be a dwarf planet or not. A dwarf planet for example being Pluto, which used to be considered a planet for a very long time. I'm not saying this change is wrong, just to re-look into the issue.

  • Classifications need to be updated.

    The classification for dwarf planets should be changed. This is because our discoveries of outer space are changing all the time. And we are finding planets in sizes we did not find before. There needs to be classification changes especially for subset differences in newly discovered planetary objects. This would help science a great deal.

  • Whatever, But Pluto should be grandfathered as a planet.

    Professional astronomers are obliged to classify what they find up in the sky in a way that makes the most sense to the field of astronomy. It's part of their job.
    But the public has gotten used to their being nine planets. Changing this scheme is just bad PR for astronomy, As it is seen as unnecessary meddling with an established model. The impression I get from the public is that most people see astronomy as being nutty enough as it is, Without astronomers making things worse by interfering with what people have long come to accept about the structure of our solar system. Hence, For PR purposes, Pluto should be grandfathered as the ninth planet. Many other "rules" in science have exceptions to allow for established knowledge of the subject. Surely the same could be done for Pluto. That way, Astronomers are happy, And so is the public.

  • It is science

    After realizing that there were innumerable small planet like objects in the solar system that seem like Pluto, the scientific community saw that there was a need for a definition of a planet, something that has never really been needed in the cases of the clearly identified members of the planet groups.

  • No, keep the classification.

    I'm not an astronomer or astro-physicist, so I can't say for sure. If they think it should be changed, by all means, change it. But unless there's a real reason for it, I don't see why we can't keep the same classification we have no. No need to change it.

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