Do you think the clinic Joan Rivers visited when she went into cardiac arrest could be responsible for her death?

  • Clinic COULD be at fault....Or NOT

    The facts are not in. Anything is possible. There is allegedly a state investigation underway. It certainly is terrible [as would be the loss of any person] that Ms. Rivers is gone but a rush to judgement will not bring her back. Instead of blaming the clinic, I would vote to focus on finding out what actually happened.

  • Clinic May Be Liable

    The circumstances surround Joan Rivers death are still unclear. However there are some inconsistencies regarding the clinic. It is unclear whether or not they reacted in time to save her. It is also unclear whether the anesthesia was properly administered and if her vitals were being monitored after the procedure.

  • No chance at all.

    If this was an average run of the mill grandmother then we would not even be talking about it. This fascination that 'celebrities' can only die if 'someone else is to blame' is laughable and worrying at the same time. You would think she was your mother, get over it. An old woman has passed, if you want to blame anyone then go punch a clock, time killed her.

  • No, Joan Rivers was suffering from heart problems and would have died regardless

    No, I do not think the clinic Joan Rivers visited could be responsible for her death. Joan Rivers was in her 80s and suffering from heart problems anyway. I think the public is quick to find a culprit involved in someone's death because they don't want to face the truth that sometimes there is just nothing you can do for someone who is sick. If they are sick and about to die, they will die regardless of what anyone does.

  • No. The clinic should not be responsible for Joan Rivers' death.

    Joan Rivers was undergoing surgery and with any surgery there are risks involved. Joan Rivers was an 81 year old woman who had surgery. At her age, the mortality rate during surgery goes up tremendously. You cannot blame the facility for her death when I'm sure she signed a bunch of waivers saying she knew the risks of the surgery at her age.

  • No, medical procedures are always risky

    No, I do not believe the clinic could be responsible for the death of Joan Rivers. It does not appear that they acted unethically or exhibited any neglect or misconduct that could have compromised the procedure. Medical procedures all come with risks, but are especially dangerous for elderly citizens, which is why there are often liability waivers and other legal documents to sign prior to anything involving anesthesia. Although the medical procedure itself could have been what caused distress to Joan Rivers' body, ultimately causing her death, that was a risk she took and not one that the clinic should be held responsible for.

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