Do you think the Clinton Foundation use corrupt or unethical practices?

  • Even More than Other Candidates

    This woman is clearly being paid to do all this. One of the many organizations that have definitely bought her off is arguably the most corrupt "non profit" organization in America; Planned Parenthood.

    Since it's founding in 1916, almost 100 years ago to the day, Planned Parenthood has endorsed one candidate. Who was it? You guess it, Hillary Clinton.

  • Yes they do

    Federal elections are a very unethical place to be a part of when corruption has been the reason you normally even have a chance in these elections. Hillary Clinton has had plenty of instances where she changed her position in order to benefit her donors and not the American people.

  • Constant FBI investigation.

    The Clinton foundation is under ever-expanding scrutiny from the FBI for instances dating all the way back to Bill's early presidency. The Clinton's are great at denying and playing victims. Deny, deny, deny until the bitter end. And then quietly admit the truth when the pile of evidence just gets TOO HUGE, and then once again play the victim.




  • Yes, I do think the Clinton Foundation uses unethical practices.

    All of the things that the Clinton Foundation stands for -- improving global health and wellness, increasing opportunity for girls and women, reducing childhood obesity, creating economic opportunity and growth, and helping communities address the effects of climate change -- never come to fruition, and Hillary Clinton, behind closed doors, actively argues against the things she supposedly stands for.

  • Yes, it, among others, being the reason Hillary's personal email?

    Hillary is outright not allowed to have such an email, is obligated to make of her business visible via her federal email. Even if the Clinton Foundation is not found be corrupt the use of a separate email for more than personal reasons (sixty-thousand plus emails in four years cannot all be personal) is highly suspicious and certainly means something shady somewhere.

  • These Foundations Are Monitored

    I do not believe the Clinton Foundation uses corrupt or unethical practices, as these Foundations are closely monitored by many organizations. For example, Foundations such as these have to report any kind of funds, whether donated, earned or distributed to the IRS, and while they may or may not report them, they cannot for a Foundation without some form of government involvement in setting up a Foundation. In the eye of the public, there are varying opinions of what is "ethical" and "unethical" and corrupt...thus there will be many who have a difference of opinion, and without inside facts it is hard to label any foundation as corrupt or unethical unless the practices are proven in the court of law.

  • Clinton Foundation above board

    The Clinton Foundation is an honest organization. Political enemies have accused the Clinton's of malfeasance, but none have ever been proved.The Foundation discloses financial information and these are regularly audited. Recent allegations were made by a Super PAC associated with Carly Fiorina, a Republican running for president who is looking to score politial points.

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