Do you think the conflict in the Middle East will ever be solved?

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  • Example of the Thirty Years' War

    A historical example of a fairly similar situation is the Thirty Years' War that raged in central Europe (Germany, mainly) from 1618 to 1648. It was largely Protestants vs. Catholics. The war ended eventually, but I am assuming that for most of the war (especially the beginning) people did not believe it would ever end. Yet it did eventually.
    The Thirty Years' War often reminds me of certain Middle-Eastern conflicts: two opposing sects of the same religion that are both highly combative, a war that tears regions apart, etc. Obviously, through modern technology the war is different, and the fact that the world is intervening because of resources is a factor too, but to me the principle remains solid. I believe the region will eventually stabilise, though that may yet take many years.

  • At Some Point

    At some point the parties involved will eventually agree that it just is not worth it anymore. Although conflict, strife, war, and other violent tendencies will most likely always exist in human beings, eventually the Middle East will, in terms of actual conflict, be "stable." A solution will eventually be agreed upon. Even the Middle East will one day cease to be the continuous powder keg that it is today.

  • Yes because wars are on the decline

    Point 1. All wars going on right now are not between to counties.
    Point 2. Democracy makes war less favorable and more countries are adopting democracy.
    Point 3. The largest conflict in the 20th century was the cold war. Once the USSR was destroyed wars have been less devastating because they were puppets to the Ussr.
    Point 4. The total amount of people dieing from wars has been steadily decreasing.
    Point 5. Victories are uncommon now while negotiations are much more common.

    Since war is on the decline eventually the middle east will be pressured into conforming. If not they will be removed through lack of world economy.

  • Yah eventually oil will run out

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  • It is in the prophecies that the wars in the Middle-East will be finished by Mahdi and subsequently Christ appearance.

    All the Muslims in the Middle-East believe that one they Jesus and the 12th successor of the last prophet (Mahdi) will come to them and they will both manage wars. The wars between Iran and Iraq was predicted 14 centuries ago and the wars in Syria, the black flags of Daesh, the black flags of Khorasan which is not risen yet, the revolution of Yemen, the death of Saudi Arabia's kings AND...
    As it seems strange prophecies in old books are becoming true.... And people in the Middle- East are praying God to send them Christ and Mahdi.

  • It will never be forever over

    The difference with the wars in the Middle East versus "recent" wars in our past is that these people are fighting for a large religious cause. They are actually willing to "sacrifice" themselves for their cause, because in the end, they believe they will be going to Heaven to unite with 72 virgins. I think we could - and we will - one day reach a point in the world where the conflict has significantly decreased to the point we can call it a stable region, but there will always be one or two Jihad at least. Religion doesn't die that easily. We've never fought a war like this before. It cannot be a war of attrition like we thought it could be.

  • Wars will continue to happen as it is part of our life.

    When analyzing the Israel-Palestine conflicts, it looked like the conflict will be permanent because both sides tend to keep blaming the other side. The tension between Israel and Palestine also become more complicated as the US started to intervene into every conflict happens inside the Middle East. In one of Obama's speech, he obviously just re-framed the conflict by saying that Israel is the most powerful country in the region and the world while on the other side, Palestinians had been denied it's own freedom on their homeland. In fact, the Syrian conflict about people who demand reforms from Assad's governance still unsolved either among countries or by the Arab League. Even now it becomes global issues that has to be solved together, because there are no layer from the region organization which could solve it first. Since years ago, Middle East has been a strategic region in the world, not only for their location linking Asian, Europe, and Africa, but also from their oil resources. National interests, oil, and outside interference will be the cause of the Middle East problem. Only God knows the cure for this conflicts.

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