Do you think the conservatives have allowed themselves to get a bad name?

  • Thought they had the country

    Conservative politics and ideology have fallen dramatically out of favor since the days when Nixon won reelection and the idea of a permanent Republican majority was put forth. Conservative believed that they represented the country and failed to see what was obviously a changing sentiment throughout the country at the time.

  • They have become known as extremists.

    I think they have. During the last 10 to 15 years, in an effort to distance themselves from moderate liberals, they have allowed the extreme right to have undue influence in the party. This is a massive turn off for the majority of swing voters, and they have know become associated with extreme views, and given themselves a bad name.

  • All they seem to do is manipulate

    I am sure there are some good conservative politicians out there, just not many. Most of them seem to say one thing and do an other. Many of them demonize the poor for being assisted by the government with programs like welfare Meanwhile, they give rich corporations and other rich people welfare that is a 100 times more than what any poor person gets. I can never trust most of what comes out of conservatives and the Republican parties mouth ever again. I would say that is giving themselves a bad name.

  • No, conservatives have not allowed themselves to get a bad name.

    I do not think that Hollywood has allowed themselves to get a bad name. I think a lot of the problems that they have faced is due to the fact that the media likes to portray them in a bad light. I think that conservatives need to make more of an effort to combat bad publicity though.

  • Only people who oppose them think they have a bad name.

    The conservatives have not allowed themselves to get a bad name. The only people who feel they have a bad name are the people who have opposing political ideologies. Conservative members of government work just as hard as everyone else, for their own party's ends, and that is the way it is supposed to be.

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