• It'd be a move to the middle.

    Yes, I think that the conservatives should re-join the European People's Party, because they need to have more people on board in order to win an election. The conservatives are sizable enough in number that their opinions would be given weight. But they need the strength that comes in numbers of joining the European People's Party, which is center-right.

  • Party Too Big

    I do not believe more conservatives should re-join the European Peoples Party. To me it sounds like the Party is far too large and I think that overreaching power puts a strain on the European Union. I think people need to be offered choices. Governments should have multiple parties not just one or two.

  • Conservatives should stay seperate

    He conservatives should not join the European people's party for several reasons. Their views differ from each other and the issues are pretty wide. The peoples party might not be so accepting of the conservatives because it would dilute their membership. The conservatives also want to stay seperate and not join them.

  • Conservatives should not join the EPP

    The European Peoples Party has lost the focus of where the conservatives really want to take the government. The European Peoples Party have become so involved with a few issues that the conservatives feel that they no longer represent the issues that are important to raw conservatism. Conservatives would likely break off from the affiliation due to alignment with the EPP.

  • They should not.

    I do not think the conservatives should re-join the European Peoples Party. They have already distances themselves from the European Peoples Party and they keep that distance. They left the European Peoples Party for a reason and going back to the European Peoples Party will only make them appear weak.

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