Do you think the Corona Virus cases are increasing due to many states opening?

Asked by: VictoriaB
  • Yes, But there is easy way to get back in society

    I am not being to rude to anyone because pretty kind.
    Closed down everything other than Grocery Stores
    Schools will be onlines ( Everyone to prodive with computer and wifi )
    Masks should be wear all times
    My dad always says " Play Game or Nonthing. Mother Nature ( even though not real but I just want to keep it a little fun). Mother Nature given us challenges to over and over. We can either fix or let it county. I am not saying anyone.

  • Any infectious virus would boom during an increase in social gathering.

    The excuses the president has been peddling such as that testing is revealing more cases are obviously poor attempts to deflect the fact that reopening the country has and will likely continue to be disastrous in terms of its public health consequences. The infectiousness of the virus at hand means that cases are bound to go up in proportion to social oppenness regardless of the safety measures used. Obviously we cannot stop the United States from operating on the most basic of levels, But that is not what we are talking about. We are talking about the widespread reinitiation of the often unnecessary social interactions which made the virus easy to spread in the first place, Only now the virus is already pretty much everywhere, Where when the country closed down, It was still in the process of taking over the world, Though admittedly in the later stages of that process. The memes say it all. Why reopen schools at seven million cases when you closed down at as many thousand. As hard as it may be for some people, Digital methods of nearly everything, From school to work are essential and should be maintained for until such time as the virus has either died out or is no longer a threat due to a vaccine or the development of immunoresistence.

  • It cannot be understated that the BLM protests, As justified as they are when performed peacefully, Are a MAJOR contribution.

    There have been many countries that have steadily eased their restrictions after reaching a sufficiently low number of daily cases, To success. It is no coincidence that areas around the world that have the highest incidences of BLM riots, Or even relatively peaceful protests like what occurred near me outside the US, Are also reaching record-high daily infections.

    There are a few exceptions; there are US states that have had maybe 1 or 2 protests, Whilst having also eased restrictions, With the easing of restrictions likely being the main cause of their rise in infections. But we need to stop pretending that huge public gatherings and riots have done absolutely nothing, While (as dumb as they are) Trump rallies with a few thousand, Socially distant, Masked participants are supposedly a threat.

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