• The rate of acceleration in advanced technology's power is increasing at a huge rate.

    This current tech boom is fueled not only by innovative hardware that is getting faster and smaller cheaper, but by an increased participation in software development taking advantage of the new hardware. This tech boom is different from others in history in that it keeps accelerating and seems not to be a boom as much as it is a new era of constantly increasing tech, with none of the "dark ages" of the past.

  • It is moving faster.

    Every time there is a new tech boom something is a little bit different then the time before. Usually the thing that is different is the speed at which the technology is advancing. With this current tech boom things are moving faster than they have ever done before, which is quite impressive.

  • Yes, the current tech boom is more like a frenzy.

    I do not think the current tech boom is like any of the previous booms we've had. Somewhere along the line an entire generation became tech-savvy. The top tech companies have courted the best of these young people and there is now fierce competition between a class of extremely gifted and talented individuals who are rapidly taking things to the next level.

  • Seems About The Same

    I do not believe the current tech boom is any different from the previous ones. I don't see much different about today's advancements, other than they're obviously better. I think we are developing a scenario where we see expansion followed by contraction. We are in a period of expansion and that will eventually plateau.

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