Do you think the death of the Polish President Lech Kaczynski has started a new era for Polish-Russian relations?

  • Lech Kaczynski's death changed much

    Like the death of any world leader, there is a time of change that comes after the person's passing. Especially between two allied countries. Russia and Poland have had an up and down relationship for decades, but now that Mr. Kaczynski has passed, a new and hopefully better era will open.

  • No, President Kaczynski's death has not ushered in a new era of relations.

    No, the death of Poland's president has not led to a warming of relations between Poland and Russia. Despite some of president Kaczynski's policies being unfriendly toward Moscow, some thawing had taken place in the months before his death. He was flying to Russia as part of a forgiveness mission for the Katyn massacre, but his fatal plane crash in Russia put that thawing on hold.

  • None That Has Been Noted

    I do not believe the death of the Polish President Lech Kaczynski has started a new era for Polish-Russian relations. The President died in Russia on a plane full of other diplomats from Poland during a trip commemorate the Katyń massacre. The event does not indicate that there has been any kind of change between the relations of Russia and Poland.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that this mans death is not going to make a huge change in the way that these two nations view each other, and the way that this president felt is the same way the whole country will feel. They will still have the same relationship with each other.

  • Only one person

    It is only one person that has actually died. One person, despite being a symbol of many things, is not in any way a true paradigm shift in relations between countries, unless, of course a dictator had died, which was not the case. The relations between the two countries are incredibly complex.

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