Do you think the decline of the birth rate in Europe will affect the region's demographics in the decades to come?

  • They are affecting them as soon as Now

    Europe population decline prediction is not something new. Since the 70s their birth rates have fallen below the required for Zero Growth, however nothing has made them go up again, only there has been a recent upturn and is caused because of immigrants who have higher birth rates than locals.

    Birth rate tells us about population composition is the future. You have fast growing immigrant pop on both natural and immigrant flow. And fast declining local population (birth rates among local pop In Europe are below their average). Just as in California Latinos are close to be majority (no troubles here, I'm Latino too), guess what's going to happen over the long run if things stay like this?

    Countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, and even Greece have economic malaise because of this trend. In capitalism, the GDP of a country is related with consumption and production, and the workforce (people) make a huge percent of this. As the work base tend to shrink, so does economy, if indebtness keep growing, and the taxpayer base stays the same or Shri k, taxes going to keep growing.... Poorer populations keep going big... Recepie for disaster.

  • People migrating to Europe will change demographics

    The decline of the birth rate in Europe will affect the region's demographics in the decades to come for sure. There currently is a trend of migrants from Africa moving to European countries while at the same time native European birth rates are declining. This means the population in Europe will start containing more black Muslims and less white Europeans.

  • Yes I do.

    I think that birth rate affects demographics by default. In Europe having less birth rate is not that bad because right now the world is getting crazy populated, but maybe in the future that means it will be harder to get the birth rate back up and we will start to get less populated.

  • Fewer People, Different People

    To take the birth rate as declining across a continent obviously does not mean it declines at the same rate in each country. If it is not consistent the implication is that some populations will lose more demographically than countries were it remains higher. If England's population declines while France's increases, the overall demographics change.

  • Still a lot of people

    No, I do not think that a decline of their birth rate will affect the region that much. They still have a lot of births happening, plenty to keep countries running strong and keep all of the businesses going strong. They will not feel the effects of this declining rate.

  • Lots of diversity

    I do not think that the decline in the birth rate in Europe will affect the region's demographics because a change in demographics is due more to immigration than anything else. There is not necessarily a whole lot of mixing going on in Europe, so they need more immigration if that's the case.

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