• Time for a change

    The donkey symbol became known as the Democratic Party symbol when Andrew Jackson was running for president. He’s not exactly a Democratic hero. We could adopt any other animal: the polar bear, the penguin. Basically any other animal. The Democratic Party needs to change. A new mascot would bring in new blood.

  • Agree, a Party should have an official and respectable symbol.

    The symbol of the Democratic Party should be one chosen to represent it's political views in a reasonable manner. Currently, the frequently used "Donkey" is yet unofficial, although often adopted. While tracing it's roots back to Andrew Jackson, it is only reasonable to assume that such a longstanding symbol as the democratic Donkey should be allowed the to bear the honor it's so long been attributed to, not treated as a throwaway symbol with negative connotations.

  • No need to change symbol

    The Democrats have been using the same symbol for decades. Symbols, just like words, can change meaning over time and one thing that is fine and safe at one point can become offensive later in time. There is no reason why the Democratic party should have to change a historic symbol.

  • Donkeys are stubborn.

    The Donkey has been our symbol since the 19th Century. There is no need to change it now. What would be the point. I have always liked the donkey and I would not want to see it changed. This is about all I can say but I need 50 words. Now I am done.

  • It is appropriate

    I think that it is a symbol that best represents the people that are associated with the democratic party, because they're all jackasses. They are also a bunch of lazy hippy faggots. Being a democrat is like being a clown. They are unfunny and stupid. Democrats should be diagnosed with autism.

  • The Democratic Party should not change its symbol.

    The Democratic Party should not change its symbol. The donkey as a symbol of the Democratic party has a history dating back to the time of Jackson and it represents the image of a strong willed animal. This was a way through which Jackson wanted to convey to the people about what the Democratic party stood for.

  • Democratic Party Symbol

    The donkey, or jackass, of the Democratic party is a strong symbol hearkening back to Jackson co-opting the attempted insult of his opponents against them. It has become iconic and for this reason I believe that it is something that should be retained. The symbol is recognisable all across the country and therefore valuable for this reason as well.

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