Do you think the Druze settlement is good for Israel (yes) or bad for Israel (no)?

  • Yes, Druze settlements are a good thing for Israel.

    Yes, Druze settlements are a good thing for Israel. I think it give a chance to be open to more diversity which can open the door way to acceptance. Religious acceptance need to be more wide spread though all countries, especially in countries like Israel were religious intolerance is very high.

  • A faithful ally

    The Druze, as part of a doctrine of their culture itself, are actually an incredibly loyal people to the country they are in, and the Druze in Israel have been that way as well. Druze in the Golan are not pro Israel only because they believe one day the Golan will be given to Syria.

  • Yes, the Druze play a positive role in Israel

    The Druze in Israel serve in the military and in parliament. Members of this
    monotheistic religion speak Arabic, and are intensely loyal to their own
    community and faith, but they are also good citizens. The Druze do
    not usually accept new members into their religion, but neither do they leave the
    faith of their fathers. They are a stable community that plays a positive
    social role and is well integrated into the state of Israel.

  • Druze are great for Israel.

    The Druze settlement is good for Israel for Israel because it shows they have tolerance for Arab-speaking people. Israel allowing people other than mainstream Jewish people helps its image in the eyes of the world. The Druze minority also has a bridge in their identity that can serve Israel, because they are a people that have aspects of both Jews and Arabs in their culture.

  • One Less Enemy

    I believe the Druze settlement is good for Israel. Druze people are both involved in military service and political offices within Israel and have certainly proved their worth. Secondly, the inclusion of the Druze people shows that Israel is willing to let others of different backgrounds function in society, not just those with Jewish backgrounds.

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