• Yes, it is a good guide

    Being someone who studied cognitive science for a few years, I do think the DSM is a valuable guide to the field of psychiatry. I do think, however, that it is flawed in a lot of areas and needs to be updated in others. But it is a very good guide.

  • All They Have

    I believe the DSM is a valuable guide for the field of psychiatry because it is the only consistent tool they have to use for diagnosis. With overlapping symptoms I believe use of the DSM is important for consistency, at least if people are misdiagnosed the whole group still has commonalities that can be compared. It certainly beats psychiatrist using their smaller selection of knowledge based on only their experiences.

  • Yes, the DSM is a good guide but definitely should not be taken as gospel

    The DSM has long been a staple for any practicing or even aspiring psychiatrist. It has proven time and time again to be a valuable guide to the many complex disorders that people in the world experience. However, while the DSM is definitely valuable it is not infallible and has experienced several revisions thus making it a tool that's both useful and evolving at the same time. This evolution is it's biggest strengh and it's biggest weakness.

  • Yes it is.

    I do think the DSM is a valuable guide for the field of psychiatry. There is a lot of evidence behind DSM, and it is something that has proven to be valuable to the field of psychiatry. Until there is definitive proof that it is not valuable, then it will be.

  • The DSM is Valuable to Psychiatry

    Yes, the DSM is a valuable guide for the field of psychiatry. The collected and agreed upon definitions of psychiatric disorders are stored within the DSM. This allows a psychiatrist to more quickly diagnose a patient so that treatment can be made more easily available to the patient. Thus, it decreases the amount of time a patient must wait before treatment.

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