• Yes, the economy is getting better.

    Yes, the economy is getting better. The proof can be seen in may different places. Take the falling unemployment rate. If the economy were not getting better, this rate would not be falling. People will argue that it is only falling because of an increase in minimum wage and part time jobs. This is true, but a part time job at minimum wage is better than no job. People have to start from somewhere. Also, the start market shows a growing faith in the economy. If not, the fast rise would not have happened due to excess risk of major loss.

  • I think so

    This is mostly anecdotal but I just bought my first home as did a couple of friends of mine. I am getting calls from recruiters but I like my job and don't feel the need to leave. I have seen my salary increase 4 times over the last 3 years. My mother just got a new job at a company that is struggling to fill positions. It would appear things have picked up. However it might just me and people that I know.

  • The economy is getting better.

    the economy is most certainly getting better under President Obama. We have seen a growth in GDP country-wide, and unemployment has continued to drop by the month. Wages are finally on the increase again, and now cities and states are taking it upon themselves to raise the minimum wage. Even certain companies are, like Gap

  • We are printing money.

    I think the economy is getting worse, because unemployment is still high. The Department of Labor changed the way that the unemployment statistics are reported so that it will not look so bad. In the meantime, the government is still printing money, which causes inflation. All of these things combined with Obamacare are tearing our economy apart.

  • Yeah right. They like to pretend.

    Pretending like the economy is improving is critical to keep the populace in check. Nothing is improving, Austerity is more extreme every year, And hardly anyone has luxury money (see Tesco falling profits and the rise of cheaper ALDI etc). You can see in every sector a move towards cheaper alternatives

  • Taxes barley down for middle class! Cost of health care rose!

    When we do our taxes we are seeing a major problem for our family. The cost of health insurance rose by $1, 200 this year and trump's tax cuts only allowed us a $200 savings. While millionaires are growing stronger NOT the middle class. This feels like the biggest scam ever and people see these crumbs and think that it's a prize! I would rather pay less in insurance and more in taxes! Also insurance covers less! Sure i can opt out of insurance, WE NEED INSURANCE! When asked why our insurance rates went up so high, The answer was "less people signing up" which is obvious! I don't want a $200 tax cut I want raises! I want cheap health care! I want to be able to afford a doctors visit for my aching back! I need college loans to understand I am BROKE! Even though it looks like a decent amount on paper. I've lost all hope and preparing for the worst! 401k's have slowed down as well.

  • It never did get better

    Nobody works anymore. People out on road goofing around all hours of the day, Not generating taxes for all these welfare programs and healthcare. I am guilty too, But that's still not good. Also lots of new condos being built, But nobody is buying them. They just sit there empty, Because nobody can afford them, And never will. Nobody learned anything after 2007.

  • I would need 3+ jobs just to stay afloat

    I work so hard just to barely make ends and when I have money I prepare so when I don't have it I have to stock up on frozen and box food so that when I don't have a dime I can have some kraft box food and I want to see a therapist but I could not in a million years afford that but I wanna go to school but I can't work and go to school I need ro spend my time to sell my self for what they call minimum wage but I get sad when it goes up because then I know everything else is gonna go up I wanna buy a car because the bus makes a fifteen minute car ride 2 hours not including wait time but gas is to the roof and insurance and parking charges for everything so that's America land of the free

  • Debt is unsustainable, sentiment in country is overall negative.

    People are buying cheap useless Chinese goods with credit to cover for an overriding sense of worthlessness and humanistic emptiness. This lifestyle, held together by a lack of homeland fear and war, has resulted in a complacent existence of petty and meaningless social and cultural transformations. Yes the economy is getting worse, but the country is too. There is no going back unless something dramatic happens that forces a return to faith on the people.

  • Definitely declining economy.

    Google store closures and you will see that there is no shortage of retailers closing stores. Is anything still made in the US? If you work at Amazon, I'm sure everything looks peachy. When government workers outnumber manufacturer workers, you know things are getting bad. The US never fully recovered from the Great Recession and it won't fully after the next recession.

  • It's getting a lot worse

    It's hard saying this but we need to bite the bullet and deal with this NOW and stop selling our children's future down the road. I know there will be lots of suffering and heartache but the collapse is coming sooner or later. Remove regulation from the markets, no more bailouts and get governments out of it no matter how much you regulate someone will always find a way around it

  • The economy is not improving for the majority

    Minimum wage is not rising although the cost of food and living is. How do they think the economy is better because there are more jobs?! We can only work so many hours and it's too many as is, in my opinion. If you want the economy to get better, give people more money to spend and more time to spend it.

  • Min wage has not risen

    Minimum wage is not rising although the cost of food and living is. How do they think the economy is better because there are more jobs?! We can only work so many hours and it's too many as is, in my opinion. If you want the economy to get better, give people more money to spend and more time to spend it.

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