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    The idea of a fair system of punishment allows criminals to be able to reform into society better as they don't feel as if the country the return to treated them unfairly so why should they learn to treat them fairly. It also makes it do the people don't fear the government making it so you are scared if you accidentally miss a garbage can you will be sentenced to death.

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  • The Eighth Amendment is still necessary to prevent the government imposing excessive fines or torturing people.

    The Eighth Amendment is still necessary to prevent the government imposing excessive fines, bail or torturing people. Without this the government would be able to arrest and torture someone they thought had information about terrorist attacks based on the individual's looks. It also makes sure that fines given to people are reasonable and not excessive.

  • Cruel and Unusual Punishments

    Without the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, cruel and unusual punishments can be made in different court systems throughout the United States. Whipping, flogging, electric chairs, hangings and more would be back if the Eighth Amendment is repealed. Of course this aspect of American law is necessary because without it, nothing would stop a court system from drawing and quartering a person convicted of rape.

  • We would hurt each other.

    Yes, I think that the 8th Amendment is still necessary, because there are terrible things that happen in other countries. Even in modern times, there are people in other countries that stone, that hang, and that cut off hands. We have decided that we do not want that in our society. To keep it that way, we have to have the 8th Amendment.

  • Eighth Amendment Needed to Keep Us From Drifting Off-Course

    While torture is debatably acceptable in situations like the interrogation of captured terrorists, there exists a real danger of how we treat criminals drifting in an authoritarian, right-wing direction because of the popularity of these techniques among extremists. As a result, we need safeguards in place to prevent torture, unreasonably high bail, and other problems from becoming the "new normal."

  • Cruel actions deserve cruel punishments

    I still think it is necessary but could use some work. If you kill someone on purpose you should be killed. No question. If you threaten with terrorism and act on it, You should have a cruel punishment. Now if you stole 100 candy bars, You shouldn't have to eat those 100 candy bars. If you are speeding, Going 65 in a 55, Then, Of course, A ticket, And a fine. But not a life sentence.

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