Do you think the ending of the Twilight Saga was excellent (yes) or horrible (no)?

  • Yes, because everyone ended up alive and together.

    For all the death and vampires in the saga, I was happy to see all of the characters end up alive and as a family. Some people prefer to see the main character die in the end, and yes, maybe killing off some of the main people would have been more artistic and daring. However, I liked ending the saga with a smile.

  • Yes, it should have ended.

    I forced myself to read the Twilight story because, as many told me, once you get past people making fun of it and joking about it, it's actually very good. They were wrong. It was the most horrible version and take of vampires I have ever seen, and I'm glad it ended.

  • Twilight Saga Ending

    I personally think that Twilight Saga was not a great ending because it ending very bad because it was the problems that were going on did not initially get solves so it was basically a to be continued movie. I personally think that Twilight Saga was not a great ending because it ending horrible.

  • A bad movie

    I personally do not like the twighlight saga at all, and think that it has bad very bad actors. The storyline of these movies was also not that good, and the ending to the movies was not very good at all, and I did not see what all the hype was about.

  • No, the ending was a let down

    The ending of the Twilight Saga was a disappointment, it felt like no loose ends had been tied up and the audience didn’t get to learn any more about the characters stories. It was just a flash forward to an ending that took place many years later. It would have been better to create at least another installment to reveal how the characters came to where they were at the very end of the film. It was a letdown in my opinion.

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