Do you think the England football team will ever win the world cup again?

  • Never know for sure

    Even though I do not really follow England football since I am an American citizen, I still believe England has the potential to win the world cup again one day. You will never know exactly what a team could bring to the table when they know they need to step it up.

  • It's Not Impossible

    I don't see any reason why the England football team couldn't win another World Cup. They will need superior players and superior coaches to do so, but really that shouldn't be a big hurdle. The hardest part will be the effort put in by the players. They ultimately make it possible.

  • You can never say never, again.

    The one thing I know after being around far longer than most people on this planet is that you can never predict future outcomes based on past events. The England football team may not win the next World Cup, or even the one after that, but eventually they'll bring it home.

  • Anything can happen

    Anything can happen in the world of sports--especially soccer. I think that given enough time the London club can turn their luck around and win big again. They have to focus on getting some good players back and getting quality coaching to lead their squad to the championship in London.

  • The England football team will never win the world cup again.

    Although the British enjoy football, unfortunately their team is unlikely to win the World Cup in the immediate future. Other countries have a much more developed sports culture than the UK. It is likely that South American and southern European teams will continue to dominate football competitions in the future.

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