Do you think the EU is anti-science in their food safety requirements?

  • Gmo witch hunt

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  • Food safety is about more than preventing tinkering in labs - but that's a good start

    The EU's food safety rules mean that people in EU member countries can be confident that their food is at least based on real edible materials. People in Europe generally look askance at the United State's tendency to allow unlimited tinkering with food - what you eat is more important than some lab's profits, surely.

  • The European Union is one of the most scientivifcally and empircally based regions for food safety requirements.

    The EU has long been on the cutting edge and leading sphere where food safety requirements are concerned. Where America panders to corporate interests and allows dangerous or unhealthy foods to make it to market, often after ignoring science and research, the European Union does the opposite, placing citizen health first and foremost, over the corporate greed and profits.

  • To say carte blanche that all GMOs are safe is not scientific, and besides the right to know is a question of values not science

    It may be scientific to say that the mere fact that something is genetically modified is not in itself dangerous, but science can not prove that every single genetic modification that could possibly be made is going to be safe. Think about it. Genes make proteins. There are proteins that exist that are proven to be harmful i.e. prions. So it stands to reason that changing the genes could cause harm. Every individual modification needs to be tested and proven safe by itself. Current testing is not rigorous enough.

    And then the bottomline really is just that people should be allowed to know what they are buying. That's not antiscience. That's not even a matter of science, but of values. Science can not prove that it's wrong to give people a right to know, whether it can prove GMOs are safe or not.

  • The EU is being done for safety of consumers

    The words you are what you eat applies here. We don't know what we are eating at times with some of the chemicals allowed to be in foods. The EU wants to crack down on the fact that these ingredients aren't being made public. So what if science feels that this ia slap in the face to them, GMO;s have not been proven to be good for people just the opposite. The EU has the consumer in mind, not the scientific community and what food bi-products they maybe creating.

  • The EU is not anti-science

    The EU is not anti-science. This is because the EU has always paid attention to food safety issues, and much more than in the United States. People would be best to read the documents that comes out of deliberations and meetings about food safety to see for themselves where decisions are coming from.

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