• The Euro and the EU is a disgrace

    As a foreighner, I look at the EU and a laugh. . . The Euro is a currency that killed off several many unique currencies that deserve to still be around today. Every country is the same, There are no differences. Now you understand why the French are upset why the Uk wants to leave (despite their politicians wanting to stay) countries need to be sovereign and separate like every other country on Earth. Otherwise the whole system will collapse because it was doomed to fail.

  • The Euro should not be abolished but it's quality should be enhanced.

    The initial intention of the Euro was to be a single currency across Europe. It would minimize the need for conversion since all the countries would use the same monetary currency. If properly handled the Euro can bring stability for Europe and it can also help to ensure that prices do not fluctuate, due to this sense of stability. Abolishing the Euro would set the European Union back decades in their attempt to unify Europe and have one currency across the European nations.

  • No, the Euro is just fine

    The EU should be a little pickier about what countries they let in, and which they allow to use the Euro. But the concept of the Euro is absolutely fine. It makes traveling in Europe much easier by standardizing currency. The main problems that have arisen around the Euro are more of an issue with the EU letting countries with questionable economies become members.

  • The Euro works well.

    The Euro is a good system for money that is widely used by many people. It makes it easier to spend and use currency in many areas with less exchange problems. The Euro makes things more simple and easy to use and is an effective system for many nations today.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that the Euro is a good way to run a monetary system, and I think that a lot of people really like to use it. Also, I think that instead of getting rid of it it needs to be expanded and spread more across the countries that are in Europe.

  • Please keep the Euro.

    For the moment, I think that the Euro is doing well on the international currency trading market. It's certainly valued at more than the American dollar. Abolishing it right now would cause economic instability in many of the EU's member nations. They should be more selective about what nations are allowed into the EU, in order to keep the currency stable.

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