Do you think the FCC should fine disc jockeys for foul language more often?

  • Radio disk jockeys need more restrictions.

    Radio is free a service that is provided through the air with no monetary payment associated with it. Because of its nature, the audience exposed to radio cannot be restricted. It is then the responsibility of the society to deem what is appropriate for all to hear. All people includes children. Radio is not afforded the luxury of age verification like the Internet.

  • Yes, the FCC should fine disc jockeys more often.

    Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that the FCC should fine disc jockeys more often for foul language. I think everyone has gotten over the novelty of being able to say swear words on the radio. Now it's time to clean it up because it has gotten way out of control. If you are in your car, on a bus, in public - anywhere a radio might be playing in the background - you don't want to hear foul language coming at you. Not only is it extremely crude, but there may be young children in the audience that do not need to hear that type of language.

  • Yes they should.

    As being a disc jockey is considered their job, a steep fine for foul language should be issued as in any other job if your were to cuss or swear in any way would result in being reprimanded or even the possibility of loosing said job for acting and communicating in such a way.

  • Yes, if during a time when young listeners are exposed to it

    There are a lot of bits on radio that are not appropriate for kids,especially during morning shows. Some of the material is not profanity, but is still offensive and not for kids. In some ways, that is worse than foul language. However if a particular DJ is repeatedly using foul language, then he or she should be fined more for repeated offenses.

  • The listeners opinion

    I think that if the listeners of these jockeys do not care that they hear foul language, then the jockeys should not be fined for talking like this. People speak with just as foul language all the time, and the jockeys are just trying to get the people to be entertained.

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