• The future does look good for Democrats.

    The future does look good for Democrats. The rough patch that they went through seems to be finally over and the future seems to be a easy ride for the rest of the presidency. Democrats seem to have solved a lot of issues in the past few months and will continue.

  • To an extent

    While democrats have been far from impressive of late, what they got going for them is their opposition in Washington looks even worse. The future looks good for democrats because there's no legitimate alternative, you have a republican party that is eating itself alive or some fringe party like the libertarians that have no idea how the world works. Democrats win by default.

  • The Donkey becomes a stallion.

    If the Republicans carry on clinging to the remnants of Old America they will not survive in the modern world.

    They are on the wrong side of every subject in politics. They oppose immigration in an era of increased immigration. Will this not only get worse with climate change swallowing up land; the displaced people have to go somewhere. Oh wait, I forgot half of them don't believe in climate change... They oppose abortion rights in an era of female advancement. Might some women turn to illegal abortions as a result? Same outcome or worse. They oppose gay marriage despite its increasing popularity. If they don't get married in the US they can always go abroad.

    Lets take a look at their support base. So they receive more Christian votes than compared to the Democrats. However Christianity is on the decrease; from 86% in 1990 to 73% in 2012. They collect votes in the rural areas as demographics start to shift through the whole country. They cant appeal to female voters as they oppose the rights they should have. I cant even count how many celebrities came out and endorsed Obama in 2008 and 2012. And don't play the "race card". And appealing to the youth, immigrants and non-Christians? Not likely, just not compatible.

    They weaken themselves through infighting. The Tea Party done an amaing job holding the USA to ransom. Congrats on that. What a way to show people how you would behave in government. The Republican leadership makes you wonder if there was really any point of holding an election. Mitt Romney for example. Ah, where do I start. Bonding with average person by saying lines such as "I like being able to fire people" when unemployment is strife. Winning female votes by claiming they have "binders full of women" becauseit seems to them women are something to put in binders and file away. Or "I drive a couple of Cadillacs actually" oh and "Rick, ill tell you what, 10,000 bucks?". I wish the average person could drive around in a "couple" of Cadillacs and make $10,000 bets on a whim. And don't forget the classic "There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what... Who believe that they are entitled to... You-name-it..." The irony when he received 47.2% of the vote... He should really publish his own book. Mitt Romney "How To Alienate and Loose Voters". And he was the best the Republicans have to offer?

    Overall they look like there on a downhill slide into the abyss. But don't underestimate them. People usually pose the biggest threat when they are cornered and politics is very volatile. You get a Democrat President who does a rubbish job and you'll see Republican votes increasing. Or a new approach could see a strong reformed Republican Party. And don't forget it was only in 1984 where Ronald Reagan carried 49 US states. But for now it looks like the Democrats are sitting comfortably.

  • Yes, the future looks good for Democrats.

    As time has gone along generally the ideals and thoughts of Democrats have washed over the entire nation, which looks good for them. I think that Democrats are more progressive and as time goes on more and more people progress towards thinking like democrats do. I think that in the future most people that are democratic right now will be considered very conservative.

  • Yes, I think the future looks good for Democrats.

    I think with the shifting demographics in the United States which is more minorities gaining a share of the population and whites declining that the Democratic base will be stronger then ever and I feel many Red states will start to go blue in future elections, I think the Republicans lack leadership right now and that is hurting them.

  • Short-term no, but long term they will come to power again.

    The Democrats may take some short-term damage from current political climate and the failings of the health-care system as well as poor spending. However, they will not be out of power long as they will adapt, accomodate new groups or issues, and once again become a ruling party. Democrats were not finished after Carter, they will not be finished after Obama.

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