Do you think the FX series "Strain" will be as gripping and horrifying as it claims to be?

  • Yes, "Strain" will be as gripping & horrifying as it claims to be.

    "The Strain" is a new series from FX considered as a high concept thriller. Additionally, Strain was brought to you by Guillermo del Toro whose gruesome movie catalog includes "Hellboy" & "Blade." On of his most recent features, Pacific Rim, prepared us for "The Strain." I also believe that audiences will be captivated as "The Strain" basically gives you the zombie backstory for any zombie apocalypse.

  • The Strain will be great fun!

    With Guillermo del Toro at the helm, "The Strain," series I'm sure will be great ride. Expect great set and costume design, and of course many twisted plots. With credits like "Pan's Labyrinth," and his latest, "Pacific Rim" he can without a doubt deliver on both the sublime and action. Del Toro will surely make a great plot twists, can't wait to see what's in store!

  • Yes, I believe it will.

    I think FX is becoming known for over the top horrific shows. They seem to want to hit that target market. The previews and advertisements for the show make it seem to be deeply disturbing. I'm not sure if the show will last because I though vampires would be overplayed but there may be a gore audience waiting to tune in.

  • Strain or Lame?

    From what I have watched on the trailers, personally, I think it will be pretty intense. According to a few critic reviews there are not high hopes for it, but that's a critics job. The positives outweight the negatives, so yes, I believe it will be as gripping and horrifying as claimed to be.

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