• The great G20

    The G20 and G8 are both good quality cars but the G20 will be more successful because of the high quality that it is. The car has a great suspension which is quite awesome and the interior is very luxurious. The engine is very well made and the tires put this vehicle over the top.

  • Yes it will

    Yes, I do think that the G20 will be a whole lot better than the G8, since it is the new version that is out and it is going to have a whole lot more neat features that will make it a whole lot better when it is out soon.

  • Yes, G20 will be more successful than G8.

    I definitely think that the governments involved with G20 will make it more successful than those that were involved with G8. I think that today's economical atmospher will help make it more successful as well. I do think that the governments involved also have better strategies to make it work.

  • Yes, it will be.

    The reason it will be more successful is because of the number of countries involved and the wealth of the countries involved. Also, a lot was learned from the mistakes made under G8. G20 is much more efficient, makes more sense, and is more streamlined though it is larger in general.

  • I don't think the G20 will be more successful

    In my opinion the G20 will not be more successful than the G8 because the time that has passed there has been significantly more economic crisis in various parts of the world. This will lead to less cooperation between involved parties because various representatives will only be seeking to work in their countries' best interests.

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