• Well on the way

    Indeed Germany is already showing strong signs of economic recoveyr, especially on the domestic side. Experts are already predicting that economic recovery may very well happen a lot sooner than was origionaly expected. Germany is in a strong position. Its just a matter of time until we can say the economy has recovered fully.

  • The Germans will recover

    The Germans will recover. This is because there are a lot of banks and major corporations in Germany. They also have alliances with countries like Switzerland, which is wealthy. Germany is one of the richer countries in Europe, so there is no question as to its long-term health, barring a war.

  • They Will Be Fine

    I believe Germany has a lot going for it and there is no reason to believe that their economy is going to have an on going struggle. They have excellent employment sectors and good variety of business in their country. If anything more countries should strive toward Garmany's policies because they have been performing better than many others.

  • The German Economy will recover

    The German economy can do little else but rebound. They have been affected by the Euro and the issues it presents. Their struggles do not really belong to themselves but rather the instability of their currency. The German people are hardworkers and the structure of the local economy is strong. They have nowhere to go but up.

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