Do you think the GOP candidates should show more concern about social obligations (yes) and less about war (no)?

  • Social obligations take priority

    Social obligations take priority, so war should not be made more of a priority unless we are a specific threat. We need to fix healthcare, schools, and infrastructure, to start. Paying attention to these things would also give more Americans jobs, and keep money in the country, where we need it.

  • We are at war

    Being that we are at war right now, either by proxy, cold war or hot war, we have to focus on that. Bringing in hundreds of thousands of refugees will hurt the poorest among us, so we can't be concerned with social issues as of now. We have to worry about national security.

  • GOP Candidates should balance their concern.

    GOP Candidates should balance their concern about social obligations and issues about war. They are both equal topics that need to be discussed and addressed by the GOP candidates so that the people within the general public know what side they are on, on particular issues so that they know to vote properly.

  • GOP, The War Party

    In order for a bi-party political system to work, there must be starch differences between the two parties that run government. Democrats have as long as I can remember be the party that cares about social obligations. Therefore, for the GOP to show more concern about social obligations the parties would be closer in ideology and not allow for the differences needed for the two to be defined as different in policy. Republicans, in my view, have always took the stance that security and war are hand in hand.

  • It is a good political choice to focus on war

    Many of the news headlines which are being discussed are related to war, and so it is a very prominent matter in the eyes of the public. When operating in politics everything is about capturing the public attention and using it to increase your support. Since war is a prevalent topic it is politically important for the candidates to attempt to gain public approval on this subject because it will impact their vote in the near future.

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